Make a Snark tuner adapter for autoharp or Hammered Dulcimer

We like the “Snark” tuners for a variety of reasons. They are inexpensive, accurate, easy to see in a darkened room, and work well amid noise. What we don’t like is using their clunky clips  on zither pins.

I make an inexpensive adapter to replace the clip using nylon spacers that cost under a dollar.




They can be purchased at a hardware store and are usually found in a sliding bin box. Choose the kind that is 3/4″ or 1″long with an outside diameter that is 1/2″ and an inside diameter of .219″ ( 7/32″). This will sit loosely on a zither pin while still conducting the vibrations to the Snark.

Enlarge the hole on one end of the spacer to a depth of 3/8″ using a 9/32″ drill bit.

Using an awl or a small screwdriver, carefully pry the banana shaped stalk out of the socket on the clip. Push the ball into the hole that you drilled in the spacer and “Bob’s yer uncle”.

Now you can ” Park the Snark” on any convenient tuning pin and turn it where you like. It even reads the lowest strings with ease.

I cannot instruct you how to make something yourself without advising you to carefully reread all of the safety warnings that came with  the tools and potentially hazardous materials you will be using. While you are doing that I will be trying to figure out why I can’t arrange these photos in the right places.

If all the safety procedures  and instructions presented here are too daunting,  contact me and I will send you an adapter for $5 (post paid). You will still have to pry the banana but you will do it safely.