Some more autoharp details

Another magnetic chord bar cover, this time with plastic combs and a salvaged set of OS aluminium bars. Cherry inserts were fitted into the channels and topped with large buttons.






The little black knob on the treble corner is actually the allen fine tuner wrench  held in place by a magnet. It came as a keychain tool with the Daigle fine tuners. I cut it off and painted it. It is very handy and accessible amid all the picks and playing paraphernalia.

This autoharp is fitted with an extra back called a resonator. It makes the harp louder and more resonant by allowing the instrument’s own back to vibrate freely. It adds only a half inch of thickness to the autoharp so it  still fits in the case.

This resonator is a unique innovation of my own in that it is also an attached stand. I fitted it with a little flipper like a picture frame and grip holes so it is easy to set the autoharp aside when performing or jamming. The resonator is attached to the autoharp with velcro so it is easy to remove and reattach.