Banjo rim

The rim is now sanded inside and out. It is made of two 1″ layers of cherry and one 1/2″ bottom ¬†layer of bocote. The outside diameter is ¬†exactly 10″ to fit a pre- mounted, high crown Fiberskyn banjo head. The side walls of the rim are 5/8″ thick.

I want this banjo to have a brighter sound than an all wood rim so I’m fitting it with a metal tone ring. A shallow groove is routed close to the top outside edge of the rim to accept a 3/16″ steel ring. I bend a 3/16″x 36″ steel rod into a hoop with a clever tool called a “ring roller” purchased at Harbor Freight. Using a hand crank and a tension knob it takes only a few passes to make a perfect circle. The ring is trimmed to fit into the groove and the joint is taped together. The banjo head (drum) will be stretched over the rounded edge of this tone ring.